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The Equipment Garage Difference

Buying a new piece of equipment is an important decision. Whether you are looking to use the piece of equipment daily, weekly, or seasonally, you want to make sure you buy a quality product at a fair price.

At Equipment Garage, we feel that customers should use the same methods and habits that they use when buying a car (*especially because most people will own the same lawn mower or snow blower for a much longer timespan than their cars). We suggest that you:

Test-Drive the equipment

You may own the same piece of equipment for 20 to 30 years. Before you make an investment of that magnitude, don’t you think you should test the comfort and capabilities? While most “big box” mass retailers will offer a cost-effective option, at what quality level are you buying? How soon will you need a new one? Even at reduced pricing, the investment is still significant. At Equipment Garage, we recommend that you visit one of our locations and “try it, before you buy it.”

Focus on more than the price

It is easy to be lured into a purchase by an attractive price; it happens to consumers in every market, every day. However, as with any other purchase, consumers should understand and respect the famous adage, “you get what you pay for.” If you buy a unit at a lower price, you will most-likely receive lower quality. For some, that is okay, but others would like to buy the quality item one time, rather than the “discount” option multiple times. At Equipment Garage we recommend that you figure out what you need by evaluating quality and capabilities before looking at price, then see what best fits these qualifications as well as your budget.

Find a “Lifetime Dealer”

Everyone has one. That business relationship they know they can depend on. Whether it is a barber who knows how to cut your hair just right, or the auto shop down the street that you know you can trust to diagnose and fix issues, you create a lasting relationship based on trust. At Equipment Garage, we form this “lifetime relationship” with our clients. You can buy your unit from us, and bring it back for routine preventative maintenance and repairs for decades to come. We service everything we sell.


Yes, at Equipment Garage we will buy trade-in equipment. Whether you are buying a new unit or just looking to get rid of an old one, you may get a quote on the trade-in value of your used equipment. We have included a link to tractor blue book, which is an excellent place to “begin” figuring out your trade-in value. Please remember that this is only a starting point, and that any trade-in units must be inspected by our mechanics and must be re-sold to the end user (the inspection price and sales margin must be factored into the trade-in price). We will accept and dispose of any old equipment, but we generally will not offer any payment for equipment if we determine that the value is below $300. Stop-in and ask for a quote on your used unit today!

RENT for a day

Equipment rentals are an excellent option for projects requiring equipment for temporary use, without a huge money investment. You can expect top-quality landscaping equipment that is well-maintained from brands you trust. We rent everything that we sell. Equipment is available for rent at half day, full day, weekly, and monthly rates.

REPAIR for life

Many people don’t realize it, but purchasing equipment is a big decision. People will often own multiple cars, or even homes, before they replace their tractors or snow blowers. Purchasing a quality machine is the first step to buying a lifetime piece of equipment, but after the sale, maintenance will determine the longevity of your product. Annual tune-ups will greatly increase the production and lifespan of your equipment, and it will ease your frustration too! Preventative maintenance allows you to fix it BEFORE it breaks. At Equipment Garage, our certified mechanics will make sure your equipment performs as it should, whether you need a seasonal tune-up, or a major repair. Want to avoid the waiting line during the busy seasons? Check our restore program, and sign-up your seasonal equipment today!

Whether landscaping is your career, hobby, or just another weekend chore, you need to purchase your equipment, parts and accessories from someone you can trust. Equipment Garage’s educated staff is dedicated to helping you complete your outdoor projects.

We staff experienced professionals who specialize in:

  • Commercial Equipment

    - Years of experience in field-use and retail sales
  • Residential Equipment

    - Years of experience in field-use and retail sales
  • Commercial Repairs

    - Manufacturer-Certified mechanics
  • Residential Repairs

    - Manufacturer-Certified mechanics
  • Engine Replacement

    - Experience with re-power options between and within most manufacturers
  • Engine / Equipment Parts

    - Experience with nearly all brands of equipment, regardless of the year or make
  • Professional Landscaping / Turf Management

    - Over 40 years of experience
  • Snow and Ice Control

    - Over 40 years of experience


The Equipment Garage Advantage

Beyond our knowledgeable staff, we also offer the convenience and experience that comes from shopping with a “true retailer.” Many online businesses are run out of a warehouse, and the connection is lost between the customer and the retailer. Equipment Garage is not based out of a warehouse, and we do not attempt to hide who we are. With three brick-and-mortar storefronts, we interact in-person with customers every day. We make sure not to lose that connection, which is why we form relationships with every customer whether he/she is in our local store, or calling from Alaska. We service all 50 states, as well as a number of additional countries, and no matter where they are, every one of those customers will be treated as if they walked into our physical store. When you order equipment and parts from Equipment Garage, whoever helps you will learn your name, your needs, and work with you to find a unit or part that best fits your needs.

From all of us at Equipment Garage: “Welcome to Equipment Garage, how may we help you complete your outdoor projects?"

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