4 Great Podcasts for Landscaping Business Owners


As a landscape business owner, your life is probably busy.

You’re driving from site to site, tending plants, mowing lawns, billing clients, and more. It’s a lot to handle. Many learn the business side of their industry as they go, making mistakes along the way. After all, when do you have time to sit down and learn how to run a landscape business?

How about while you drive to a site?

While you’re in the car you can listen to podcasts. A podcast is like a weekly radio show that you download onto your computer, tablet, or phone. There are podcasts covering many topics, including how to run a landscaping business.

Here are 4 great podcasts to listen to if you’re a landscape business owner.

Lawn Care Marketing Expert

By: Andrew Pototschnik

Suggested 1st Episode

“Why Should Someone Buy From Your Lawn Care Company?”

Why We Love It

If you’re one of those folks who enjoys crass language and a no-nonsense approach, this is a great podcast for you. Podcaster Andrew Pototschnik tells it like it is based on his experience. He has 18 years under his belt doing marketing, web development, consulting for local services, and working with tech businesses. He has a knack for helping businesses grow and he wants to share that info with you via Podcast!

One of the great things about Andrew’s podcasts is the variety of information he has to share. He covers all sorts of topics that you need to know to help your business be successful. Many lawn care business owners are experts in, well, lawn care. This podcast can help you fill in the blanks. Learn about software, how to raise prices, why people undersell, and more!

Have a short commute (or short attention span)? These informative podcasts are in small digestible doses, usually lasting around 10 minutes or so.

To listen, you can subscribe to his podcast on iTunes.

Andrew also uploads videos on lawn care marketing.

The Landscape Business Pro Podcast

By: Stan Genadek

Suggested 1st Episode

Get Unstuck and Get Your Business Growing Again

Why We Love It

Crass language isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a landscape business podcast that is as encouraging as it is informative, then look no further. Podcaster Stan Genadek gives a passionate delivery when sharing his knowledge of the landscape business. You can’t help but be excited about your field when you learn from this guy!

In addition to sharing his own wealth of knowledge, Stan interviews a multitude of guests. Fellow business experts and entrepreneurs regularly bring helpful business and trade tips to the table. These podcasts are usually around 30-45 minutes long, and are jam packed with invaluable business tips.

Stan specializes in entrepreneurship, landscaping and excavating. He even cofounded dirtmonkey.net which is a specialty website to promote moving dirt fill without brokerage fees.

If you get your hands dirty for a living and love your business, you can learn a lot from this podcast. Stan has a lot of excitement for the landscape business and sincerely enjoys sharing that love with fellow tradesmen and women.

You can listen to Stan’s podcast on iTunes or listen to them on his website.

He also creates videos on the same topic, which you can watch on his Youtube page.

The Strategic Landscaper Podcast

By: Matt Hudson

Suggested 1st Episode

Business Tips #1: Mindset

Why We Love It

Are you too busy to listen to podcasts? Think again! Podcaster Matt Hudson offers short but focused episodes that only last about 5 minutes each. Expect to learn a lot in that short amount of time, though! These episodes are quick and easy to listen in while you’re stuck in line at the store, or in between meetings. Waiting for your appointment at the dentist’s office? Learn something from this podcast at the same time!

Expect to learn about the digital end of the landscape business. Landscape companies undoubtedly have skilled workers, but all businesses can stand to learn more about digital innovation. Matt Hudson can help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness on the business end which can lead to increased profitability.

Each episode focuses on one question or issue, which is why they are so short and effective. Browse the podcasts history to see which topics you could learn more about.

You can listen to his podcast on iTunes or listen to them on his website.

Landscape Live!

By: Jody Shilan

Is Your Social Media Really Social?

Suggested 1st Episode

Why We Love It

If you want to learn from a real pro, you have to check out this podcast. Jody Shilan is an award-winning landscape designer, former landscape design and build contractor, executive director of the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association, and industry consultant. With a resume like that, who wouldn’t want to learn from him?

These 30-40 minute episodes are done in an interview format so they’re a pleasure to listen to while you learn. You’ll get the opportunity to hear the experts talk about the nitty gritty on running your business. Learn about the things you need to know such as Quickbooks, subcontracting, and safety.

This podcast is ideal for the serious landscape business owner. Hear about tools and policies that will help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Landscape Live! partners with Landscape Management and can be found on their website or you can subscribe to it on iTunes.

Jody also runs a website with additional resources on his website, From Design 2 Build.

Do you have any business podcasts you love? Let us know in the comments down below!

  • http://strategiclandscaper.com/ Matt Hudson

    Thanks for sharing! It’s great to see our industry active in the digital age and sharing the wealth of knowledge and resources available to help landscape professionals grow. I personally love listening to podcasts bc it’s a great way to learn and keep a competitive advantage.

    • http://www.equipmentgarage.com/ Equipment Garage

      We agree! And thank you for providing great content for listeners!