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4 Steps to Choosing the Best Riding Lawn Mower


If you want a relaxing and comfortable mowing experience, you may want to consider a riding lawn mower.

Riding lawn mowers are great for people who have large yards or no longer have the stamina to use a walk-behind mower anymore. Even the slowest riding lawn mowers will cut lawns faster than most walk-behind models, and they can be more affordable than you’d think.

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5 Easy Steps to Choosing the Best Line Trimmer


If you want your lawn to truly have that “manicured” look, a line trimmer would be a good purchase to make. Depending on the trimmer you purchase, they can trim edging and lawns, clip those hard-to-reach spots your mower can’t get to, and even control saplings. Not all line trimmers are alike, so we’ve created an easy guide to follow so you can pick the best line trimmer for you. More in-depth information can be found below the infographic.

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How to Choose & Use the Best Snow Shovel


Snow shovels are one of the most basic and handy winter tools out there. No matter how big or small, simple or complicated the snow removal job is, you will probably need a shovel at some point. Even if you own a snow blower, a shovel can help you get anything the blower left behind. As simple as the concept seems, consumers are often overwhelmed when they go to purchase a shovel and find the selection to be more than they had expected. Luckily, we’ve made this handy guide so you can choose the best snow shovel for you.

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Salt Spreader Buyer’s Guide


Anyone who’s had to salt a driveway by hand knows it’s tedious and that salt is tough on skin. If you have a larger drive or are salting roads or parking lots, you may want to upgrade to a salt spreader. These cast salt out more efficiently, saving you time. Before purchasing a spreader, look through our buyer’s guide to get an idea on what you need.

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Ice Melt 101: Ice Melters, Equipment, and Safety


Snow removal may be one of the biggest challenges you face this winter, but not the most dangerous. Ice is a slippery and hidden danger all winter long, causing around 450 vehicular deaths in the United States every year. Even taking a walk on an icy sidewalk can be dangerous, which is why getting rid of it is as essential as the snow. Luckily, there is a wide variety of ice melt and spreading equipment available to help end the danger.

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Snowplow Buyer’s Guide


Whether you only need to plow your own driveway or are planning to take care of multiple drives and parking lots, a snowplow can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. There are plows fit for jobs of all sizes and can fit a large range of vehicles. That said, there are many things to consider before putting money down for a snowplow. Before talking to a dealer, take a look at these guidelines to help give you a better idea of what to look for.

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Choose the Right Snow Blower for You


If you’re tired of shoveling the driveway and want an upgrade, a snow blower is a great way to cut down on time and effort out in the cold. The type of snow blower you need depends greatly on the driveway you have. The type of blower you get for a hilly gravel driveway will be very different from a paved even one. With that in mind, we’ve created this easy guide for you to follow while identifying which type of snow blower best suits your needs. More in-depth information can be found below the infographic.

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Hydraulic Log Splitter Buyer’s Guide: Part 1


Splitting wood by axe or maul has never been an easy task, and if you have a large pile of wood, it can be back-breaking. For those with a lot of wood to split or even for those with back problems, getting a hydraulic log splitter can save you time and effort. As always though, getting the right splitter for your needs is important. With that in mind, we have created a 2-part guide for you to follow while picking your log splitter. More in-depth information can be found below the infographic.

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