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The Growing Cost of Invasive Plants


Here’s a reason to think twice when choosing plants for your garden.

Invasive Plants are rapidly spreading across countries, displacing and endangering native species as it goes. To make matters worse, many garden centers and nurseries still sell invasive species to unwitting customers. These plants are taken home and planted in their gardens and soon after their entire yard is overtaken by the plant.

And it’s not just your yard that is at risk. More than 5,000 species of invasive plants have escaped into the wild, and that affects all of us. Check out the infographic to see the massive effects invasive plants have in the United States.

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6 Plants That Repel Pests Naturally


If you enjoy gardening, chances are you’ve had to fight with mosquitoes while you work.

There are many insect repellents that help keep bugs away, but most smell unpleasant and can cause rashes on sensitive skin.

We’ve already talked about how you can use your garden more for its looks by planting flowers that attract butterflies. The same concept can be used to repel pests naturally, too. Simply employ any of these beautiful plants to make your garden not only beautiful, but work for you.

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Mulch Madness: A Guide to Mulch for Beginners


Many people consider March events as their first signs of spring: college basketball tournaments, St. Patrick’s Day, the spring equinox, etc. For those of us outdoorsy folks, mulch is one of those signals. Mulch means that the long winter is over and it’s time to start preparing your flower and plant beds for the glorious summer ahead!

Mulch is a broad term so there are many varieties and plenty of dos and don’ts to go along with them. Different plants have their own mulching needs and methods, so here is general look at what you need to know to get the best mulch for your garden this spring.

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