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How to Save Energy Bills With Smart Landscaping


Who doesn’t love a beautiful yard?

There are many pros to making your yard into a beautiful landscape. It can add to the value of your home, and make it more appealing to potential buyers. A bountiful landscape can attract butterflies and birds to your property.

But that may seem like a luxury you can’t always afford. Unless it also helped you save money.

Which it can.

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The Good, Bad & Ugly of Ice Dam Removal


When snow falls on a roof, it can do a lot more than just contribute to a whimsical winter landscape. If your attic is insulated improperly, the heat will melt the snow and refreeze near your gutter. As more snow falls throughout the winter, more melts and is blocked by the ice dam, keeping it from draining properly. This leads to the water seeping into the walls and insulation, damaging your home and causing mold. Read further to learn more.

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Snow Blowers 101: Save Time, Effort & Avoid Injuries


Ah… Winter. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While the snow makes for beautiful landscapes and fun winter sports, it also creates extra work for homeowners. Snow blowing can be a nightmare of a chore, but with a little planning it can be an easy, methodical task. When done properly you can cut down on the time, effort, and money it takes to clear away snow. Read on to learn how to maintain a clean and safe yard for you and your family this winter.

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How to Winterize and Prepare Outdoor Power Equipment


Depending on where you live, you may have some warm days left this fall. Here at the Equipment Garage’s headquarters in Wisconsin we’ve already had to scrape ice off of our windshields more than once! No matter when the chill hits, it’s best to store your warm-weather outdoor power equipment properly so that it starts up without a hitch next year. In addition to great storage tips, we also have a few pointers for prepping your snow blower so you can rest assured it’ll get the job done when you need it.

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