Equipment Repairs

Makes and Models Serviced

We service all makes and models of equipment for lawncare and snow removal.

For repairs on zero-turn mowers, Equipment Garage has an exclusive offer to commercial contractors. While your equipment is being serviced in our shop, we provide a free zero-turn mower rental* free of charge - a savings of $120 per day for a total of $360 savings.

* 3-day limit please
* Subject to availability

Types of Equipment Serviced

Lawn & Garden Equipment

  • Mowers
  • Dethatchers
  • Trimmers
  • Brushes
  • Chainsaws
  • Blowers
  • Seeders
  • Aerators

Snow Equipment

  • Snow Blowers
  • Salters
  • Plows

Information on Repair Services

  • If you opt to do an estimate, we will call you when the estimate has been assessed. If you decline to continue with the work you will incur a $35 charge excluding delivery charge (if applicable).
  • We do what you tell us to do, we will notify you of concerns we have for your unit, however, if you do not specify a repair then we cannot do it.
  • If parts are on order for your unit you can call our retail store (262-377-0933) to check status, however, there is no tracking for parts (most parts orders come within 5-6 business days except for backorder items).

Repair Time & Costs

  • Small engine repair takes 5-10 business days depending on the season.
  • Most small engine repairs (excluding tune up specials) usually cost $75.00 per hour for labor plus cost of parts.
  • Large equipment repair (i.e. Skidsteer, loaders etc) can take up to 30 business days.
  • No repairs are performed on the weekend.

Service Add-On


Spark Plug (each)


Oil (qt)


Oil Filter


Air Filter


Fuel Filter




Hydro Service

T & M

Blade Sharpening (per blade) on/off


Chain Sharpening on/off


Power Wash


Deck Cleaning


Belt Inspection


Deck Leveling


Battery Test


Charging System Inspection


Starting System Inspection


*Minimum Service Labor Charge of $37.50

Pick Up or Delivery Service

  • Tune up specials may be eligible for free pickup and delivery (please ask about exceptions).
  • Scheduling delivery only happens AFTER payment has been received (cash and checks are only accepted in the store. You can pay over the phone with credit/debit card. Delivery driver cannot accept payment).
  • Pickup and delivery are scheduled in a first come/first served basis. Depending upon the season, pickup and delivery can take up to 5-10 business days. To reduce scheduling conflicts, if you are not home you may want to have the delivery driver pick up the unit from, or deliver the unit to your driveway. If not home you may request a copy of the bill dropped off with your unit. If you are home you should request for the driver to demonstrate work done on your unit.
  • No delivery/pickups are offered on the weekend.

Warranty on Repairs

Warranty is processed by us, however, after the repair is complete we wait on the manufacturer to process the claim. This can take up to 30 business days, we do not release the unit till we are paid. If you don’t pick up the unit after 30 days there will be a fee of 1 dollar per day for keeping your unit at our location. After 60 days of not picking up your unit we will own it.


All Rates are based on time + materials.

Service Level




$99/ hr. Priority and after-hours repair.


$99/ hr. Non-standard, including welding.


$125/ hr. (travel expenses are included) Equipment broke down and stuck in your garage? We'll come to your house or business.


$75/ hr. Bring your equipment to us.